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American Student Loan Consolidation Scam

Unfortunately, these days, our senior citizens are not the only ages that are being involved in scams. The scammers are changing their modus operandi (MO) and are targeting the young adults who finish college and have a lot of student debt. Hence, this is where the student loan debt scam comes into play.

These young individuals may be looking for ways to reduce or consolidate their loans, the scammers have found they can prey on this group.

As always, if an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Here are some red flags, if a company needs money up front or wants your personal info, don’t respond unless you are absolutely positive this is a legit company.


Groups That Are Vulnerable

This group of young adults has become just as vulnerable as senior citizens, they are just entering this ole grown up world and are still learning the rules of the land.

The reason these individuals have become instant targets is the student debts have soared nationwide. This student debt is more than car loans and has become America’s largest consumer debt. This debt has reached $1.3 trillion last year, facts from the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

Don’t be conned by hearing all the hype about lowering payments and consolidating loans, even experienced consumers have fallen for this before, so beware. Don’t get involved in this student loan consolidation scam! We do understand the abundance of financial stress on college students.

Meet Sally

For example: Let’s say Sally is 23, and graduated from the University of Florida in May. She has a degree in child development and close to $20,000 in those student loans. I know this sounds like a lot of money but believe it or not, it is a lot less than some of her classmates. Sally has been looking for any way to reduce her $180 a month student debt loan payment.


Of course, she saw the abundance of email offers and Internet offers that are definitely too good to be true.  One place’s first question was what is your Social Security number, another wanted $500 up front. Sally just hung up, these seemed like strange questions early in the conversation and knew this was probably one of the college loan scams.


The bad part is Sally said the person on the other end of the phone sounded very professional and told her that the Social Security number was needed to access her loan amounts. When she told them she would give them her loan account numbers instead, they immediately told her no, she ended the call.

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How To Learn SEO

SEO or search engine optimization knowledge is very important for the person starting out in online marketing. Whether you want to blog, run an online store or do anything else successfully online, you need to figure out how to get noticed by search engines so that people can find you. Understanding SEO is imperative for anyone who wants to be successful in the online enterprise. The title is just a play on words, we are all dummies about SEO in the beginning. I meant no offense by calling this Search Engine Optimization for Dummies. I must also mention I learned everything I know through an internet educational program called Wealthy Affiliate, read my review here.

An important factor of search engine optimization is the fact that you need to invest time and effort into your website on a regular basis in order get traffic and keep traffic continuously increasing if you allow your website to sit and get dusty it won't do much for you.

SEO Tip # 1:

There isn't just one mystical formula; at least not one that's evergreen so it's important to stay current on SEO news. Evergreen content is content that can be accurate now and forever. It will last for many seasons. Dig deep to find information and read everything you can. You'll find conflicting information at times but knowledge is a gift, so absorb as much SEO tools as you can.

SEO Tip # 2:


Create an easy to follow design with a standard homepage, easily viewable links and a site index. This way, people and search engines can find their way around easily and so can people. This is so super important, do it each time you create content.

SEO Tip # 3:

Determine what your target keywords are. There are some great tools out there that can help you both for free or for a small fee. Often it's fairly easy to figure this out on your own. I use Jaaxy, it just makes my writing a breeze!

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Do you need two websites, plus training, and hosting for free?

I have three websites, with three different businesses, all learned from my training, which is free, hosting included. Learning how to be the best in what you do. I've been apart of this program for over 7 months now so I know a thing or two on what it's all about. In a nutshell, it's an educational social network. This is how I explain what it is I do to anyone who asks. Legitimate work, home based business.

It works how social sites like Facebook and Twitter or even Pinterest work except instead of there being a focus on sharing silly videos and jokes there's a definite focus on people helping one another to express their passions to make some money online with them. Yes, you can take a hobby you love and turn it into a home based business. This keeps it simple and you can do what you love every single day, as you make money with your hobbies and passions.


Who Is This For: Beginners, Experts, Anyone

It has been a great journey so far for me personally so I'd like to explain what goes on behind the scenes as a "full-time" affiliate marketing member!



What Is An Affiliate?

In order to really understand what this educational social network is about, you will need to first understand what is affiliate marketing? For those of you that don't know what it is, this is the most important section of all to read!

An affiliate is basically someone who is partnered up with a company's affiliate program to bring customers to them to purchase products from the company. Yeap, just that easy and simple. Then, as a bonus for your work,
by referring the company's products/services to said customers the affiliate gets paid a commission rate which varies from company to company from 2.5% all the way to 75%+ commissions for each product that gets bought. This rate really depends on what the company is willing to pay to the people for referring products to other people.

 Companies With Affiliate Programs

All sorts of companies have affiliate programs. Big, household named ones such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, Apple and Best Buy have had affiliate programs for many years. They provide these programs so that they can increase their customer base! That is why they are willing to pay you good money to sell for them.

For example, I'm apart of Amazon's affiliate program and they pay me anywhere from 2.5%-8% commission on any products that get bought through my affiliate links to Amazon. I promote products that I know quite a bit about, products that I have a deep passion for. Presently, I love new technology items, sometimes called toys, that are on the market, or are coming out shortly. For, example, the new robot dog, called CHIP, have you heard about him? It would be every kids dream of having a dog, while they live where no pets are allowed. No messes, no food to buy, total win win situation! 🙂


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Employment Scams

It is still hard for me to believe that there are a group of scammers somewhere, tossing ideas about how to make a decent profit from stealing from others. In this world that is run primarily by computers, fake companies and untrustworthy sites are being uploaded to the internet just for the purpose of robbing anyone who crosses their paths. I will tell you how to earn money working from home without getting scammed. The latest scam I've learned about is taking advantage of those who need a job.

When one has been unemployed for quite awhile, desperation sets in, and you want to grab any job you can possibly find. This is when you are at your emotional lowest and the internet crooks are using you as their prey. As I mentioned earlier about the world and computers, gosh, all job hunting and placing applications for work are all done online. Please beware of the shady guys out there who only want to benefit by hurting you.

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Our Livelihood


It is a fact we all need money, for food, rent, car payments, etc. This is when the work from home jobs seem to be the answer of prayers for many. Many moms with young children and the elderly that can not drive anymore reach out to these opportunities and feel relieved by the pitch they hear. It seems to be so legit, but what bothers me is many of these such employment offers are nothing but scams! I should know, I was a single mom for years and lost a lot of money I really needed to these dishonest programs.

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No Middle Man Income

I have received bogus large dollar checks in Priority Mail, asking me to cash the check, take my commission out and send them the balance. Some kind of a middle man collection scheme, thank goodness, I worked for the Postal Service and had seen these bogus checks before, and turned them in to the Postal Inspectors. Of course if one would deposit the check, subtract their commission then send the balance out of their checking account back to the sender, guess what, the check is fraudulent, who do you think is left holding the bag, and the scammer has your hard earned money.


Company Shopping Bag Scam


I recently read about a work from home job scam that was uncovered. It was fake company, called Company Shopping Bag. Individuals posted their resume on the internet, of course this bogus company contacted the individuals, and knew immediately they wanted to work from home.

The individuals were taken in and told they would make $2,500 per month for receiving packages, opening them, and then repackaging them and forwarding them to other addresses. They were also responsible to pay for the shipping products and postage up front. They did a great job, but after performing their duties, unfortunately they were never paid.

Here comes the sad part of the story, the victims found out they were receiving items that were paid for with stolen credit cards and then, using their own money to send this merchandise to the low life scammers. So, instead of making any money, they were taken advantage of and they had spent their own money, only to be a middle man to help the scammers use them as prey. This makes me furious, it is horrible that someone could be this cruel and profit over others loss.

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Tyco Safety Products DSC LC151 Outdoor Detect
31Pz1Sp9gfLAbout Tyco and Their Home Security Motion Detectors

To start, let me give you a little information about Tyco and who they are today? Tyco is the world's largest pure-play fire and security company. Tyco gives over three million customers all around the globe the very latest fire protecion and security products and services. This is a $10+ billion dollar company serving the world’s most demanding environments, including banking and financial services, oil and gas, marine, government, healthcare, retail, home security, transportation and commercial and industrial. I think avoiding scams and safety go hand and hand, so I was introduced to the Tyco Safety Products DSC LC151 Outdoor Detect, the outdoor motion sensor alarm.

About the Home Motion Sensor Alarm

What a great sensor this is, it is much less prone to false alarms than other cheaper driveway type motion detectors I have used. Although it is a great home security motion detector, it is not quite reliable enough to use as an alarm input, it probably should be programmed as a warning only, which is what is suppose to do. It does false alarm sometimes from the reflection off the car, as the sun moves across the sky. This only happens sometimes, and usually when it does, once a day. The angles have to match up precisely, so as you can imagine, this does not happen often.

Great Outdoor Sensor

All that being said, it does do exactly what it was bought for, an outdoor sensor. Any of the other motion sensor alarm systems would have the same reaction I spoke of in the above paragraph. Since, the outside environment changes, all of them will definitely false alarm, although not all the time. Unless, you have a very controlled, static environment, outdoor sensors are for warnings, and not alarms.

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Vacation Rental Online


Today it's easy to find a vacation rental online. And although there are a lot of great deals out there, there are also a number of scams. For example, many scammers steal photos and descriptions from legitimate rental sites online, and then paste them on their own scam rental sites. Not only do they get deposit money from unsuspecting renters, but they also get personal information they can use to steal their identity."




Beware of Vacation Rental Scammers

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you weed out online vacation rental scammers.

  • Be wary of incredible deals. If you find a five bedroom house on the ocean for $20 a week, chances are it's probably a scam. A good rule of thumb is, that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Google a chunk of text that describes the rental, to see if it pops up anywhere else. Although some owners list their vacation rentals on more than one site, sometimes you can turn up a scam this way.
  • Talk by phone if at all possible, and be wary if the person speaks broken English. Also be wary of poorly written e-mails, or if the owner only wants to communicate by e-mail.
  • Never use a wire transfer or a prepaid debit card to pay for your vacation rental. These are the preferred methods of payment for scammers, because unlike credit cards and traditional debit cards, these transactions cannot be reversed.


  • Get the address of the rental property and search for it in Google maps street view. If it's an empty field, chances are you're dealing with a scammer.
  • Ask the owner to show you the interior of the rental on Skype. That way you know at least he has access to the property.
  • Contact the assessors office in the county where the property is located, to confirm where the tax bill is sent. Make sure that name matches the name on the lease.
  • Finally, read the comments from past renters, and be wary if there are no comments. Granted the lack of comments may indicate that there wasn't anything really good or really bad about the property, but it may also indicate that it has never been rented.

In the end, with a little homework and attention to the small details, you'll be a savvy consumer, and come away with a great deal on a legitimate vacation rental.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9017107




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Rest for Success

In a workaholic culture like America's, naps are becoming increasingly important yet increasingly rare. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), 41 million workers in the nation aren't getting enough sleep at night and should be making up for it with daily naps. Now, naps aren't just for children, lazy teenagers or Snoopy on his doghouse. They're for anyone with a specific task to perform and not enough energy to accomplish it without first catching some z's.

Sleep for Success                                   images (64)

A study by NASA revealed that a 40-minute cat nap improved pilots' and astronauts' performance by 34 percent and alertness by a full 100 percent. Even though a nap won't make up for significant sleep loss at night, a brief snooze can promote a better mood, increase alertness and boost performance level. Napping also improves working memory, used when completing complex tasks, as well as memory retention.

Break the Cycle                           images (63)

Most animals are considered polyphasic sleepers, meaning they sleep in multiple cycles throughout a 24-hour period. Humans are one of the few mammals that don't engage in "microsleeps," and there is no scientific evidence to prove that people are meant to sleep in one lump sum. Romans practiced sexta, later called siesta in countries like Spain. Other cultures promote brief naps throughout the day in order to maximize productivity and employee morale. Although it's safe to say U..S. businesses may not implement a scheduled nap time in the near future, it's certainly an idea worth considering.

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My Home Business and A Few Hazards

Yes, you can work from home! How about starting your own online business? I will tell you how you can do this, and you can do as I do. What do I do? I am loving life and working from my home or any place I choose as long as I have access to the internet, this is how:

We are all getting educated about all of the online scams and how to avoid them. Okay, so you are working at home, in your home office, all of your daily things are surrounding you. Not only do we need to be safe on the internet, we need to be safe at home.

If children and pets have one thing in common, it's that they will inevitably get into things they shouldn't but keeping them safe can prove difficult when today's commercial products are loaded with chemicals. It's important to be in the know about poisonous household products and keeping them out of reach of those most vulnerable.

The Usual Suspects               imagesbabywithpills


These are the five most common poisons that are often easiest for pets and small children to access.

1. Medications: Cold and flu caplets and and analgesics (painkillers) are a common culprit in child poisonings and are easy to reach on kitchen counters and nightstands. Some experts say not to take medicine in front of children to prevent them from taking interest in trying it themselves.

2. Personal Care Items: If they smell good, they might taste good, and a brave kid in the wrong place might accidentally try one. In 2011, hygiene products caused more deaths than any other household poison. Keep items like nail polish remover and mouthwash in child-locked cabinets or shelves out of their reach.

3. Antifreeze: This car chemical has an attractive scent and taste to animals. Give the garage a thorough cleaning after any auto maintenance to ensure the family dog doesn't lap up the mess. Also, check under cars routinely to make sure there are no leaks.

4. Plants: Before investing in decorative plants, spend time researching whether they're toxic to people or pets. Some common culprits include aloe vera, azaleas and philodendron, but there are plenty more where that came from. Ingesting these plants produces symptoms ranging from mild nausea to death in extreme cases.

5. Household Cleaners: Cleaners are usually stored under sinks, so make sure to child lock cabinet doors. Keep solutions in their original bottles in case of an incident, as poison control may need information from the labels, and only purchase products in childproof bottles with push-to-turn lids or nozzles with "off" positions. Single-load laundry pods are the latest threat, because they're bright, squishy and come in easy-to-open buckets.


Make The Call                                           imagessheetofpaperpoisoncontrolnumber

If you notice that your child or pet has been poisoned, here's what the American Association of Poison Control Centers suggests you do first:

Swallowed poisons are most common. Call the center immediately, but do not induce vomiting or offer anything to eat or drink. If the poison was inhaled, go outside for fresh air and then start dialing.

If the toxin is topical, remove contaminated clothing, and then call and place the phone on speaker. Rinse the affected areas for 15 to 20 minutes while answering poison control's questions. When calling, try to have any labels or information about the poison readily available. ***Always have the Poison Control Center, toll-free nationwide number:... (800) 222-1222....handy near the home phone in case an emergency occurs!

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Social Media for Seniors


Your grandson is tweeting.  Your granddaughter has updated her status with a check-in.  You are not sure what the heck they are talking about, and frankly you don’t care.  Well, maybe you should! Social Media is not a passing phase with the “youngsters”.  The fast growing demographic on the social media scene is the 65 and up crowd.  And why not?  Gone are the days where retirement meant puzzle-building and sitting on the porch swing.  Today’s seniors are more active than ever, and what better way to stay active then to tune in to social media. So, we are including some tips in social media for seniors.




What Can I Learn from Facebook?      imagessenior6

A lot!  And social media sites include more than just Facebook.  LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, LiveJournal and a list of others allow users of all ages to join up and broaden their horizons on multiple levels.

  • Not ready to retire? Work online as a freelance writer, advisor, tutor or consultant.
  • Miss the kids? Keep in touch with all the kids and grandkids online.
  • Get tips and ideas about that hobby you always wanted to explore on sites like Pinterest.
  • Ever the avid learner? Take an online enrichment course.
  • Keep your brain sharp with a book club discussion or play a game of words with some friends.
  • Or supplement your retirement income and start your very own online business. For your personal invitation to set up your online business visit this link.







Say what?  Not sure what all of those letters mean?  Here’s your cheat sheet to tech talk:

lol………. laugh out loud                                                pic…………. picture

btw…….by the way                                                         pls…………. please

brb………be right back                                                   ttyl…………. talk to you later

nvm……. never mind                                                     smh………. shaking my head

noyb……none of your business                                   thx…………. thanks

omg……. oh my gosh

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Avoid Online Scams


If you want to make money on the internet you are not alone. There are thousands of people each year that are successful at pulling in a full-time salary by simply using the internet. But before you get started you must also realize that there are people who run online scams as a way to make money. These people should be avoided at all costs. Online scams are very popular today because of the number of people that want to use the internet to make money. Follow the tips below in order to avoid online scams, and get on the right path to making money online.







1. Online scams often times seem too good to be true. If you come across an opportunity that is claiming to make you thousands of dollars by the end of the week you should be very cautious.

Remember, anything that seems too good to be true probably is. If you come across an opportunity like this make sure that you thoroughly investigate it before you waste a lot of time and money getting started.




downloadwww.abcssm.com (1)

2. Online scams will almost always ask for money up front. These scams make money by taking cash off of unsuspecting people before they even get started with the business venture. This is done because the opportunity that they are offering is no good, and they know that nobody would pay for it after receiving further details. But by charging a lot of money up front they can get paid, and then send out the money making system that has no chance of working. Before you send out any money up front, you will want to make sure that you are 100% positive that the system that you are going to be getting works. This can be done by asking for references, or trying to find people that have used the system in the past. By doing this you will be able to avoid online scams every single time.

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